Vigo Electric Cable Casing - Household

Vigo Electric Cable Casing is used to protect and route electrical wiring in a building or structure. Vigo Electric Cable Casing give protection for cables and raceways against fire is therefore an important and primary consideration in the design and industry standards. 



  1. Smooth inner Surface
  2. Fire resistance

Quality Assurance

Super High Performance

Extreme Heavy Duty

ISO Certified Company

Environment Friendly

Fully Factory Made

Product Specification

Code Size (inch) Thickness Length Color
98760 1/2"  15 mm 6' White
98761 3/4"  19mm 6' White
98762 1"  25mm 6' White
98763 1.25"  32mm 6' White
98764 1.5"  38mm 6' White
98765 2"  50mm 6' White