RFL Solvent Cement Standard 500ml

RFL believe providing total solution will lead country forward thus we’re also producing solvent cement.  Solvent cement is made up of uPVC resin, stabilizers and filler dissolved in a cocktail of solvents. It’s not glue. It helps to dissolve the resin and prepare the surface of the pipe and fittings for perfect joint.

How it Works:

Solvent cement soften and dissolve the applied layer of pipe and fittings by loosening its molecular structure. Taper in the fittings socket ensure the interference fit for the pipe. It allows the material to fuse to itself when two surface are connected.

• Easy to use with provided cotton stick

• Moisture Resistant, Impact Resistant, Water Resistant, Heat Resistant

Quality Assurance

Super High Performance

Extreme Heavy Duty

ISO Certified Company

Environment Friendly

Fully Factory Made

Product Specification