RFL PVC Level Hose pipe

The water level at each end of the tube will be at the same elevation, whether the two ends are adjacent or far apart. Water levels have been used for many years. The water level is lower-tech than the laser level, but it can be more accurate over long distances, and works without a sightline, such as around corners.
Leak Proof
Easy storage and handling
Better Flow Characteristic
Flexible & Light Weight
Water levels are used to measure an exact, level height across a surface, such as a wall or a board.
This pipe is also used for flowing water.

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Product Specification

Code Size (Inch) Length (Feet) Thickness (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Color
700505 6mm 328' 0.90 - 1.00 3.8-4.1 Water color
98598 8mm 328' 1.25 - 1.50 6.6-6.8 Water color
700506 10mm 328' 1.30 - 1.40 7.2-7.4 Water color