RFL Air Tube Pipe

RFL Air Tube Pipe can be wild utilized in automated machinery, coating machinery, all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic & hydraulic machinery, construction and various pneumatic tools. Polyether based polyurethane tube (PU hose) is hydrolysis-resistant, anti-bacterial & anti-fungous, and it can be used for gardening, cleaning, water hoses and other purposes. Ether type polyurethane tube (PU hose) is resistance to hydrolysis, fungus and weather ability. Ester type polyurethane tube (PU hose) give maximum abrasion resistance and good oil, solvent and great resistance.
Key features:
1. High flexibility
2. Small bending radius 
3. Available in ether and ester PU hoses
4. Optimum abrasion resistance
5. High tensile strength
6. Low temperature flexibility

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Product Specification

Code Size (mm) Length (Meter) Thickness (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Color
985195 10 100m 1.45-1.65 7mm Blue
985196 8 100m 0.95-1.15 6mm Blue